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FF Mister K is named after main characters of the novels "Das Schloß" ("Замок") and "Der Prozess" written by Franz Kafka (1883-1924). FF Mister K Latin version (Mister K Regular, Onstage, Crossout) has been released in December 2008 by FSI, the Cyrillic version is in development.

Inspired by Kafka's handwriting, the typeface Mister K. is an attempt to find a balance between strong, excentric letterforms of Kafka during different life stages and supplementing forms created by the designer aiming at consistency and flow. One of the main questions was: What forms can be interpreted as typical, which ones are "too" unique to serve as a model for the style, what new forms, variants, and groups of forms have to be created to obtain a living rhythm in lines of text.
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В Kroogi с 21 января 2009
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шрифт, графика, дизайн, design